The Arachnological Society of Iran (ASI) is established to support arachnological research, promote the development of this science and facilitate scientific collaborations between Iranian arachnologists and researchers, students and institutions around the world.

انجمن عنکبوتیان شناسی ایران در راستای ترویج و ارتقا سطح علمی این رشته در کشور تاسیس شده است. امید است با یاری شما دوستان و همکاران گرامی، بتوانیم پل ارتباطی محکمی در میان شما عزیزان در این زمینه باشیم.

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1 May 2016
New data on the spider fauna of Iran (Arachnida: Araneae)

Congratulations to Alireza Zamani, Omid Mirshamsi and their colleagues for their new publication on spider fauna of Iran!
Part I , Part II

11 February 2011
New Logo for ASI

The Scorpion Plaque found in the archaeology site in Jiroft, Kerman Province, central Iran. The objects of this historical region are related to Aratta, a mysterious civilisation mentioned in Sumerian literature which flourished in central Iran between ancient Sumer in Mesopotamia and Harappa in the Indus River Valley more than 4000 years ago. The logo of "the Arachnological Society of Iran" is a mixture of myth, art and history of Iran with now days science.

22 October 2010
ASI First Membership Announcement

Individuals interested in Arachnids are welcome to join us by filling the application form.

20 October 2010
ASI Was Established!

The Arachnological Society of Iran (ASI) is founded on 20 October 2010 by "Mohamamd Marhabaie" and "Majid Moradmand".


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